Extraordinary Marketing

We specialize in the marketing and sale of fine property at all price points, connecting buyers and sellers in our local markets in the Greater Toronto Area.

Significant Sales

Every sale completed by our company was accomplished through the hard work and dedication to service demonstrated by our highly experienced and knowledgeable sales professionals.

Expertise Matters

From analyzing market data to buying/selling a home, we are there with you every step of the way. Our experts specialize in specific areas of the city, so we are intimately knowledgeable of the market in your neighbourhood.


Most agents operate a one-person show – and they’re probably breaking their backs trying to do a good job for their clients. Most agents couldn’t really work any harder than they’re already working. We know, because we used to do it this way. But we don’t anymore because we found that our client’s suffered from our good intentions. The fact is, you may be sympathetic to the fact that your agent is working as hard as humanly possible, but if the quality and profitability of your home sale suffers as a result of them trying to do everything themselves . . . well, . . .you have a right to feel cheated.

The simple explanation is that we built a team of professionals to help us be in 10 places at once, and therefore greatly enhance the quality of service we can deliver to our clients. This is basically how other professionals like your banker or lawyer operate. And on top of this, we’ve used cutting edge technology to dramatically improve the speed, efficiency and innovative capabilities of every part of the service we deliver. We don’t expect you to care about the fine-details of the inner-workings of our office. What you should care about is simply this. Because of the highly unique way we’ve structured our real estate office.

Our client’s homes sell for more money in less time! And because our Team sells a lot of homes, we have extensive homeselling experience that puts more money in our client’s pockets. To find out more about how our team approach can make you more successful in the real estate market, simply fill out the form on this page.

The Wedlakes 3 Generations to Look After Yours Real Estate Needs

The Wedlake’s clearly know Oakville. Frances has lived here since 1954 ( in Bronte since 1974) and both Ken and Jennifer were born in Oakville and grew up here. Frances started her real estate career in 1985. She had always been interested in real estate and took a night course with her sister-in-law thinking she would work part time. At her first job, she was told that she would have to earn $25,000 her first year or else she would be out! “I thought I would never be able to accomplish that” says Frances. However, she went far beyond and has never looked back! Frances has reached the top awards with Royal LePage reaching National Chairman’s Club Lifetime (top 1% in Canada) and the Award of Excellence Lifetime. Ken has earned similar credentials, reaching Diamond- an award given to the top 3% in the company.

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