Nelson Meneses

Sales Representative

Born and raised in Toronto, Nelson grew up in a large, hardworking family of Portuguese descent. Exposed to his relatives’ varied skills and trades, he developed a strong interest in home construction, landscaping, and real estate from an early age. Over the years, he has renovated, landscaped, and invested in several properties including his home in Mississauga where he currently resides, always deriving great satisfaction from his finished work.

Obtaining degrees in both health and computer sciences led to a professional career as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, and IT Manager over the years and exposed Nelson to local areas and neighbourhoods all over the Golden Horseshoe. Along the way travelling extensively from Mississauga, Burlington, and Oakville, to St. Catharines and NOTL and everything in between, developing a strong sense of the real estate market and the local communities in these areas. Through his passion for people and dedication to building relationships he has grown into the local community where he continues to make new connections while further deepening well established, long lasting relationships.
Transitioning into real estate was a natural progression, joining the Wedlake Team where along with leadership, teamwork, and dedication, Nelson brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with all and to benefit his clients. A quiet but thoughtful presence in any situation, Nelson has the ability to get to the crux of any matter with a confident, respectful opinion, utilizing his traits and experience to help people realize their goals.
Nelson says: “Home is where family is. It’s where we build our lives, make memories, and enjoy moments together. It’s where we head for safety and comfort in our everyday lives. My objective in real estate is to work with people and families towards finding that perfect property and making it a place to call home”.

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